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Prescott Middle School gets grant to help buy French Horn

Two Prescott Middle School students who play the French Horn are: left, Kaelyn Lewis, and right, Julia Carroll. Submitted photo.

PRESCOTT--On May 21, the Prescott Middle School Band was awarded a grant through the Prescott Foundation in the amount of $766.

The money was used to help assist in the purchase of a new French Horn for the band program.

Currently, the band receives $1,500 each year for the purchase of a new instrument. However, the cost of a new French Horn is $2,266. The foundation was asked for the remainder of the money.

The purpose of this project was to purchase a new horn for the expanding band program. Next year, there is a large interest in the French Horn and currently there aren’t enough French Horns to supply each student with their own horn.

On average in a day, 2-3 students use the same French Horn and this leads to a lot of wear and tear, and a lot of repair. By purchasing a new one, the program is able to lessen the use on each horn. The project also benefits those students in Prescott who cannot always afford to rent an instrument from the local repair shop.

Because the French Horn is a school instrument, those students are now able to play in band and not have to worry about the cost of owning their own instrument. This grant is a huge help to the ever-growing band program and will help many students succeed!