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MINNESOTA NEWS ROUNDUP: U of M to offer in-state tuition to eligible students

MINNEAPOLIS -- The University of Minnesota Board of Regents approved a resolution that extends in-state tuition rates to students who are Minnesota high school graduates and who meet additional eligibility requirements, regardless of their immigration status. Board Chair Richard Beeson says it was a matter of aligning the University? policies with the Minnesota Prosperity Act, and that the land-grant institution has an obligation to provide college opportunities for qualified students, especially Minnesota's own high school graduates. University President Eric Kaler says the U of M must also be a diverse university that provides access and affordability to all qualified and eligible students. 


The University of Minnesota Board of Regents Chair Richard Beeson characterized University President Eric Kaler's recent annual performance review as "stellar" in a meeting this week. Beeson recommended a salary increase for the 2-year leader. Kaler, though, asked that the recommended 3 percent increase be instead invested in student access and affordability. The Board unanimously approved a motion that will dedicate $18,000 to the University's general scholarship fund. 


A man charged with drunk driving several times for riding a Segway scooter after he'd been drinking is suing the city of Medina for harassment. 48-year-old Mark Greenman's lawsuit says the police department knew he wasn't doing anything illegal when they arrested him three times between 2010 and early 2012. Each time the charges were dismissed by the judge. The Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld one of the dismissals, ruling that the Segway falls under traffic regulations that apply to pedestrians, and because it travels under 12 m.p.h. it is not a motor vehicle. The lawsuit names the city, it's police department, Medina Police Chief Ed Belland, city prosecutor Steven Tallen and two police officers. Greenman is seeking $50,000 in damages. 


A brief standoff in Rochester ended when a police dog clamped down on the suspect. Rochester Police were called by a woman who said her husband slapped and punched her while she was holding a baby, and she had run to the neighbor's for help. When officers got to the scene they say the man barricaded himself in the home by pushing a refrigerator in front of the door. Because officers were told there may be weapons in the home, they sent a police dog in. He found the man and grabbed him by the arm, and the dog's handler says the suspect fought with the K-9 so the dog repositioned and latched onto his neck. The 29-year-old man was arrested and faces possible charges of domestic assault. 


An elderly woman is recovering after being pistol whipped during a robbery at The Corral Bar in Willow River last week. 73-year-old Geri Youngberg suffered a head injury in the beating that took place when she was unable to open the bar's safe. The two men wearing masks got away with only the money and credit cards in her purse. Youngberg has been tending bar a the Corral for almost 40 years.