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Elementary school sites considered

By Barry Cain

Ellsworth School Superintendent

The Ad Hoc Facilities Committee of the Ellsworth School District once again met on July 17 to continue its progress in addressing our district’s facility needs.

At this meeting, the committee examined updated draft plans associated with the building of one elementary school to house our district’s elementary students up through fifth grade. As I wrote in my last article, this option was chosen by the committee members after examining a number of site options, and possible remodeling and expansion options of our current elementary schools.

After consideration of a number of sites within our campus area in the Village of Ellsworth, the committee was able to view initial drafts of a possible school on district property directly east of the high school. The committee has also reviewed site options on district property south of the middle school and the site of our current bus garage.

There are many variables that have been considered when looking at all site options. Items such as the possible footprint of the building, playground spaces, soil structures, athletic field and public spaces, parking, roadway access, bus transportation and traffic flow are all topics of consideration.

As I stated above, plans are still early in the draft stage, and need to be further refined to address many issues and further develop cost estimates. I would like to once again emphasize we are making progress, but are still early in the process of finalizing building options and costs.

Prior to any option coming to the public for a vote, there will be extensive communication and discussion about the costs and best options to move forward. The Ad Hoc Facilities Committee will once again meet on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. in the high school library.

For more information about the work done by the Ad Hoc Facilities Committee, please visit our “Facilities Study” page on our district’s website at