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New staff members for Plum City district eclectic mix

Newest members of the Plum City School District staff are (From left) Ted Johnson, Jackie Loock, Brent Blegen and Dan Herzog. Photo by Sean Scallon

PLUM CITY--They may come from a variety of different backgrounds, but the new members of the Plum City School District staff all share the same love for the Plum City area and a desire to teach in the school district.

Ted Johnson is the new tech. ed teacher, Jackie Loock will teach 4K classes, Brent Blegen is the new high school math teacher and Dan Herzog will teach middle school social studies.

Both Johnson and Blegen are similar in that they left jobs in the private sector to come into teaching. Johnson, who lives in Pepin,  said it was a goal of his to get into teaching.

"My wife and I have lived in the area for 21 years and we've run a few businesses. But I've had this strong desire to get into teaching," Johnson said. "I want to be able to take the knowledge I've gained all the years I've been in the private sector and give it to our students."

Blegen lives in Hudson, but he's originally from Spring Valley and his wife Shana is from Plum City. While he worked for a commercial construction company and sold real estate, he's not unfamiliar with teaching.

"I've taught business classes before and in the real estate field," Blegen said.  "But I'm on the same path as Ted is. I'm also coming in from the private sector to teach and for the same reasons."

Loock is already teaching 4K classes in Pepin. Officials with the Plum City district convinced her to teach an additional two times a week in Plum City. A native of Wisconsin Rapids, she has been teaching at Pepin for the past four years. She and her family live in Nelson.

"The people in the district are just wonderful," Loock said. "I had no problem adding two additional days and classes to teach."

Herzog is a recent graduate of UW-Eau Claire. While at UWEC, he student taught at Fall Creek and wanted his first teaching job to be in the same kind of district.

"I love small communities and I was looking for one to start my career," Herzog said. "When this position was posted, I jumped for it right away and I'm glad I did. I really like the town and the feel of the district."

For more please read the Sept. 11 print version of the Herald.