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Architect hired to help with space needs in Prescott

By Roger Hulne

Prescott School Superintendent

PRESCOTT--The Prescott School District recently interviewed architects who submitted bids for pre-referendum and potential new high school design.

The purpose of the architect is to assist the school district and community in designing a solution to provide long-term educational space needs in Prescott. With a focus on community and district goals, the architect will review the existing land options, facility needs and tax tolerance to develop a solution.

The architect will work closely with the construction manager, Miron Construction, who was hired in August, as well as the facilities committee to propose a solution fitting the student’s educational space needs, and honoring the community’s desires and support levels. With that team approach, the district is poised to produce a solution satisfying expectations.

Three architectural firms were interviewed at a special board meeting on Oct. 7. The firms interviewed were Eppstein Uhen, Bray, and ATS & R. All three companies were very qualified.

The proposal provided by Bray, which was the most cost-effective bid, was selected for recommendation to the school board. Bray has a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, and is also is very community–focused in their approach. Bray has extensive experience throughout the state and has recently completed some large school projects in Western Wisconsin including La Crosse, Eau Claire, Osceola, Grantsburg and Shell Lake, among others. The school board accepted Bray’s proposal at their regular meeting on Oct. 9.

The next step in the planning and design process is to reconvene a facilities committee to work with the construction manager and architectural firm. That process is in progress. Once a final solution is developed, the school board will consider the proposal and determine whether to proceed with a referendum.

The district is committed to providing as much information as possible as the process continues. Be sure to watch for opportunities for public input on this important project. We appreciate the input from those who attended listening sessions and we look forward to offering similar opportunities as the design progresses. Anyone interested in helping with the effort should contact the district office at 715-262-5782.