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Field upgrade's community effort

Borner Field softball fields in Prescott have been improved (Photo submitted).

By Roger Hulne

Prescott School Superintendent

PRESCOTT--Borner Field recently received important upgrades to improve the facilities.

With the excitement of watching a softball game in action, it might be easy to overlook the needs of the fields. But many community members did notice and made great efforts over the past three years to raise funds for the improvements.

The softball fields, located behind Ptacek’s IGA and near the bus garage, will soon look ready for action. With new fencing, new base lines and foul lines, and upgraded backstops, the fields reflect the pride of the Prescott community. These upgrades not only allow the youth of Prescott to learn valuable lessons through participation in sports programs, they also show our youth the community supports them in their efforts.

In fact, community contributions financed over half of the cost of the improvements with donations of over $16,500. We acknowledge everyone who contributed through support of fundraising efforts for the Borner Field improvements. Special appreciation goes out to the PCR raffle, Cernohous Chevrolet, Youth Chevy Fund Raiser, Valley Fundraiser and Prescott Foundation.

These fields are used extensively by the youth in Prescott Community Recreation baseball and softball teams, as well as the high school Varsity, JV and C squad softball teams. The high school physical education classes also use the fields for their classes.

Be sure to enjoy this visible community effort as you cheer on Prescott students!