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WEB welcomes sixth graders to Prescott Middle School

Prescott Middle School Counselor Kjurstin Langer (right) explains the concepts of WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), a new program which debuted at the middle school this year. She is assisted by eighth-grader Jillian Boles, a WEB mentor.2 / 2

PRESCOTT--Orientation at the Prescott Middle School this fall was different from previous years. 

Counselor Kjurstin Langer explained the school instituted a new program called WEB (Where Everyone Belongs), a year-long middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes sixth graders to their new school. The mentors, instead of teachers, are eighth graders.

“It’s more about connecting kids to the school and the overall feeling of community it creates,” Langer said while talking about the program to the Prescott Kiwanis Thursday.

The benefits of WEB, used in over 1,000 middle schools nationwide, are plentiful, Langer said. Among them were decreased bullying and increased academic performance among sixth graders.

It is a yearlong program with key components that contributes to its success:

--Orientation Day. Langer said a majority of this year’s orientation was conducted by the 19 eighth grade mentors who were chosen from all different aspects. She explained the training process for mentors included submitting an application and training days over the spring and summer. “It’s the first leadership role (these eighth graders) have ever had,” she said, talking about another program benefit.

--Within the next couple of weeks, eighth graders will head to the sixth grade classrooms and give examples of how rumors and gossip can impact a student during the middle school years. “When it comes from the students and not the teachers, it will have more of an impact,” Langer said.

--She also said social activities are planned the rest of the year, when students will interact including dancing and game night.

Before Langer spoke, sophomore Brooklyn Kemmerer was named Student of the Week. She was nominated by Ms. Rose, her Spanish teacher, for her “friendliness and strong will,” along with “her magnetic personality.” The daughter of Brad and Laura, her extracurricular activities include dancing at Stella Dance Studio and the high school level, high school volunteer club and pre-med club.

Jason Schulte

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