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Park it right at Prescott High School events

PRESCOTT—People who have ever searched for a prime parking space at a crowded event know the frustration when every spot’s all taken.

A long walk in the cold winter is rarely a welcome opportunity. It is often tempting to “create” a parking spot and hope for the best.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what has been happening recently at Prescott High School events. During athletic contests and other highly attended functions, cars have been parked in the “No Parking” area in front of the high school.

Those areas are left open for many reasons, but primarily for safety in the event of an emergency. Having vehicles in those areas poses a risk and needs to be addressed.

To help better designate those “No Parking” areas, the district is installing extra signs. Starting in January, cars parked in those “No Parking” areas may be ticketed and towed.

So be sure to come early and prepare properly for the weather while showing support for these events and activities over the winter months.