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Spring Valley Ocean Science Team wins Sturgeon Bowl

The Spring Valley Ocean Science Team went to Subway, which provided them with food. (Submitted photos)1 / 2
Members of the Spring Valley Ocean Science Team had a chance to prepare for competition.2 / 2

SPRING VALLEY--Food, focus and fatigue describe the rigorous couple of days the Spring Valley Ocean Science Team endured in Milwaukee recently.

Eric Huppert of Team Oil Travel Center and Subway in Spring Valley provided the food that got the team underway. This allowed the team to prepare, as Eric and Michele Huppert drove them to Milwaukee on Jan. 31.

After that, it was Mrs. Huppert’s task to direct, instruct and quiz the students to prepare them for the intense mental stress they were about to undertake. Following the food and focus, fatigue set in.

The Hupperts have been providing support to and from Milwaukee for the team for eight years.

All this paid off as the team became victorious and won the Sturgeon Bowl--the Midwest’s largest and most advanced science contest.

Now it’s off to Seattle for the National Ocean Science Bowl, Thursday-Sunday, May 1-4. Congratulations to Claire Arneson, Tyler O’Keefe, Sophie Koch, Tana O’Keefe and Esther Gland for a job well done.