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Twelve Ellsworth High School students score well in math competition

Ashley Huppert and Dan Giese placed in the top five individually in Division AA. (Submitted photos)1 / 2
EHS math competitors, in the front row from left to right, are: Hannah Sjostrom, Ashley Huppert, Darby DeGross, Dan Giese, Caleb Conway; in the back row are: Adam Schuster, Isaac Hines, Andrew Johnson, Spencer Riegelman, Kelsey Betthauser, Eric McGregor, Austin Wilcox.2 / 2

Twelve Ellsworth High School students competed at the Eau Claire Math Competition on Feb. 22.

Out of 96 students in Division AA, two EHS students placed in the top five individually. Senior Ashley Huppert earned third place and senior Dan Giese earned fourth place.

It was a very exciting day. All 12 participants scored well.

There were 14 AAA, 16 AA and nine A teams from across Wisconsin, Ellsworth being in AA, where first place went to West Salem and second place went to La Crosse Aquinas.

Each team has six members: three seniors and three underclassmen. Each member has to take four 15-minute tests (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Advanced Math) without a calculator, followed by a 30-minute group test. Each individual 15-minute test has three very advanced questions for that topic.

The group test is six questions, all of which take intense problem-solving tactics to figure out. EHS’s top team scored 125 points, but it’s not known at this time how many points the teams in first and second scored. It has been very rare for an EHS team to score more than 120 points.

The students representing Ellsworth were: Seniors, Ashley Huppert, Dan Giese, Austin Wilcox, Isaac Hines, Andrew Johnson, Adam Schuster; Juniors, Kelsey Betthauser, Eric McGregor, Darby DeGross, Spencer Riegelman; Sophomore, Hannah Sjostrom; and Freshman, Caleb Conway.

Their dedication was appreciated, as was their willingness to drive on poor roads to join the event. Teachers Mary Rumpel and Jennifer Carlson were the advisors of the day.