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Support sought for new scholarship

The “Healing Choices” scholarship, initiated by Pierce County native Judy Ann Walz as a tribute to her grandparents, Tillie and Henry Walz, is now in place.

Each of the schools in the county will award one of the scholarships, Walz said earlier this month.

The intent of the scholarship is to assist students pursuing a career in the helping/healing arts, such as nursing, art and music therapy, occupational therapy, social work, psychology, care giving for the elderly, home care, care giving ministries and hospice care, she said last week. Most of all, these applicants will have a devotion to humanity and a desire to make the world a healthier place one person at a time.

Walz is soliciting support and contribution to this scholarship fund. The fund is managed by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and donations can be made to the “Healing Choices” component fund.

The tax deduction for this cash donation may, in fact, exceed interest the donor would otherwise earn on savings. This is a direct way to support aspiring Pierce County students, of whom Walz is one.

Presently a Germantown resident, she wrote earlier she’s attended four of the six high schools in Pierce County. The scholarship has been well-received by school officials in the area, she said.

She also said, “…I was about eight-years-old when Grandpa said to me, ‘I hope that somebody does something good with the name of Walz.’ When I was eight, my Grandpa would have been in his late sixties. I am now his age! And I am invested in the developmental tasks for the sixth decade of our life. Those include generativity, taking time for children, evaluating the legacy we leave behind, and deepening our spiritual awareness…the bottom-line is that we don’t want to be forgotten or to waste another minute…”

Information provided last week by Walz shows those interested in the “Healing Choices” scholarship can donate and get more information at Greater Milwaukee Foundation, 101 W. Pleasant St., Milwaukee, WI 53212, phone (414) 272-5805, and/or visit, with Will Janisch as the point of contact.