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Graders asked what they'd plant as gardeners

Second graders at Prairie View Elementary School were asked "If you could plant a garden, what kind of seed would you plant?" Here are responses as written by the students:

A raspberry because they are my fave fruit and they taste good as jam. They also have a great taste and more grow at once.-Kayla

A pumpkin because I can eat the seeds.-Joanie

A pumpkin seed because my favorite color is orange.-Landan

I would want to plant a rose because they are red and beautiful.-Corbin

I would plant a pumpkin seed so I could pick it and then carve it.-Andrew

I would plant a sunflower because they are pretty and tall and I would put it in my front yard.-Kale

An apple tree because I love apples and I like taking care of things.-Konnor

I would plant a tree because they help us live.-Addisyn

I would plant a pumpkin because I could carve it!! I love carving pumpkins. You can make happy, sad and scary faces.-Shauntel

A rose because they are pretty and red. I want to make my flower garden look very colorful. They smell good too!-Ava

I would plant a flower garden because it is beautiful and colorful.-Iris

I would grow a pumpkin seed because I could carve it and take all of the seeds out and make pumpkin pie.-Haley

An apple tree because I can pick the apples off the tree and I love apples for a bed night snack.-Colin

I would plant corn because it is my favorite food and so I can feed my chickens.-Cramer

I would plant a blueberry bush because it is blue.-Rylan

I would plant a red oak because I like the color of the certain red.-Ethan

I would plant bamboo because my favorite animal is a panda.-Max

Apples and bananas because I want to sell some for people that have none. -Jorden