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Plum City students join in "Reality Check" program

A Plum City student goes through a station during the Reality Check program earlier this month in Durand. (Submitted photo)

PLUM CITY--Earlier this month, Plum City High School juniors were invited to participate in the Reality Check Simulation held in Durand this year.

The program simulates one month of “real life” for a mid-20-year-old. Each student enters the event with a paycheck based on their chosen career, sets up a checking account and goes through more than 30 stations which are staffed by adult volunteers from area businesses, organizations, agencies and many concerned individuals. Students had the challenge of “making ends meet” for one month and must do so successfully before completing the event.

Nanette Murray, Plum City Business Education Teacher, said: “I feel this situation is a huge eye-opener for the students and I believe the students get a lot out of the event. Most of the students enjoyed the simulation and learned many life skills.”

Murray said a couple of students didn’t like it and, when asked why, they said it was too hard, too stressful and they didn’t want to be an adult anytime soon.

Murray said she hopes Plum City continues in the experience. She also commended all of the volunteers and the UW-Extension for all of their time and effort put forth in putting this event together.