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New Richmond School District investigates mystery illnesses at Middle School

Today is the last day of classes at New Richmond Middle School -- but many youngsters have started their summers early, after they got sick this week.  Superintendent Jeff Moberg said there were 115 absences on Wednesday morning, and around 40 left during the day.  Moberg said there were less than ten new cases reported yesterday.  Still, dozens of people will be absent today, since school officials asked parents to keep their youngsters home for 48 hours after they recover.  Moberg all possible sources were checked, and officials believe some type of stomach virus is the main problem.  The school was cleaned with disinfectants on Wednesday.  Officials also checked the building's air quality, and reviewed their food storage and serving procedures. Moberg said it was unfortunate that student trips were canceled, but he said it was necessary to keep the virus from spreading.