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Public's topics to be discussed at forum

By Barry Cain

Ellsworth School Superintendent

I would like to invite our community members to our school board’s latest open Public Forum to be held Monday, July 14, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. This meeting will be in the senior high school library.

The Public Forum is an opportunity for our community members to have a conversation directly with our school board about various topics they would like to bring to the board.

As part of our overall Strategic Plan, our district has had a focus on expanding communication with the public in order to better hear community concerns while also increasing community awareness of the school district’s programs, successes and challenges. We have implemented a number of avenues for this that include our new website and Facebook page, an expanded school district newsletter, the addition of a communications person, the expansion of our volunteerism and Senior Tax Exchange Program, and open houses for all of our schools.

This Public Forum can be a great avenue for our school board to hear the thoughts of our community members about various topics. Over the past year, I know that school board members and I have personally answered many questions about topics like our facilities referendum, school district budget reductions, the levy override referendum, the common core standards, our volunteerism programs and many others. I look forward to hearing more from our community members through this public forum.