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Letter: They commend board for communications opportunity

TO THE EDITOR: On Oct. 12 at Prairie View School, the Ellsworth School Board held their first meeting of the '09-'10 school year.

In keeping with the board's goal to increase communications with the public, the board, for the first time, held an informal meeting for a separate opportunity for any member of the Ellsworth district to engage two board members in actual discussions about concerns related to the school district.

The Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) commends the board under the new leadership of Chairperson Laurie Andrews for instituting this long-needed opportunity to engage the public in meaningful and substantive dialogue. This is a perfect example of "grass roots" democracy in action.

We encourage the public to take advantage of this opportunity to share your concerns, share your ideas and, in doing so, demonstrate your interest in a sustainable, responsive and effective public school system. It is the voting public's responsibility, as rightful share holders and thereby owners of this local unit of government, to give direction to their elected representatives. This means not only at the ballot box, but also in between elections.

A public school system responsive to the will of the people will be a strong, effective and supported institution. If you don't think that your concerns were heard in the past, the CCG encourages you to try again. The door appears to be opening. Take advantage of this opportunity to make democracy work for the benefit of all.

The next regular school board meeting will be held at Lindgren Early Learning Center at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 9. The informal meeting with two board members will be at 7 p.m.