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Letter: Stolen e-mails have no bearing on global climate change, he says

TO THE EDITOR: Ah, yet another blast from right-wing Cuckoo-land, where we learn that the fact of man-caused climate change has been forever disproven by a couple of criminal computer-hackers breaking into thousands of private e-mail conversations, and pulling a few stupid comments out of context.

In your dreams, pal. The stolen emails have no bearing whatsoever on about 99.99 percent of the science supporting man-caused global climate change. There is no scientific controversy outside the increasingly delusional right-wing blogosphere, Limbaugh-land and the daily propaganda-fest at Fox Fake News. Actual scientists with actual credentials are not much impressed by a bunch of political hacks attempting to dupe the ignorant, through criminal activity. Or a propaganda operation posing as a news outlet.

The only thing "proven" by this latest fake scandal is the depths to which a bunch of right-wing ideologues will sink in order to pursue their agenda of duping the public on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, which finances much of their propaganda. But even the corporate media, other than Fox, isn't taking the boob-talk known as "climate-gate" seriously. Could they finally be catching on after being manipulated by the far- right for so many years? Let's hope so.

Meanwhile, in the real world, island-nations in the Pacific are preparing to migrate to higher ground, glaciers all over the world are disappearing, and scientists not in the pay of Big Oil are projecting the disappearance of sea ice by mid-century, with devastating consequences for the planet and a billion or so people. But, thanks to our local expert, we know that man-caused climate change is really just a figment of Al Gore's imagination. Or a liberal plot to raise taxes. Or the latest bogus claim--it's an e-mail conspiracy among the world's scientists.