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RF Township honors pair of highway workers

RIVER FALLS - River Falls Town Board Chairman Diana Smith heaped praise on town highway workers Brian Weber and Rob Schaar for the many long hours they put in keep the town roads clear of snow during the Dec. 11 blizzard.

"The River Falls Town Board wants to commend our highway employees...for the exemplary job they did on our roads during the winter storm," Smith said.

The snowstorm proved difficult for even the plows. Both drivers got stuck many times.

At one point the trucks were pulled from the roads because they were not making headway and the men needed to rest.

Every piece of equipment the town owns was put into use to clear the roads.

Smith said she also took numerous complaints from residents who reported their mailboxes were hit by snowplows.

After inspecting these addresses, Smith said all, with the exception of one, appeared not to have taken a direct hit from a plow.

Some residents were still irate about their mailboxes being toppled by the plowed snow.

Smith felt that the town highway guys worked their hearts out and she was not going to listen to those types of complaints.