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Cracks in plant tank found 'unacceptable'

Ellsworth officials and village board members aren't happy to find out about structural defects found in one of the holding tanks at the currently-being-renovated wastewater treatment plant.

The water and sewer committee reported to the board Monday several cracks were found in the concrete of the structure. Some of them were hair line on top of the walls and down the face of the wall, and larger cracks were found near a gate to the tank. It was reported a leak was discovered outside the bottom of the tank as well. A photo of one of the cracks was included with the report.

Village President Gerald DeWolfe wasn't present Monday, but he stated in a letter the structure needs to be torn down and replaced, saying if it were someone's home it would not be acceptable.

Board Member Michael Steele concurred with DeWolfe's letter.

"As of right now, the structure is unacceptable," Steele said.

Public Works Director Greg Engeset also said De Wolfe was "right on target" when comparing the deficiencies at the plant to a new home.

For more please read the Sept. 12 print version of the Herald.