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Ellsworth Village Board, President support present memorial location

Ellsworth Village President Gerald DeWolfe and members of the village board Monday strongly supported keeping the Pierce County Veterans Memorial exactly where it is right now.

Because the county plans to renovate the courthouse grounds by removing some trees, there was talk of moving the memorial to another place in Ellsworth. In fact, quite a bit of talk, according to DeWolfe, who said his phone was ringing off the hook about a potential move of the memorial away from the courthouse. Absolutely not, DeWolfe said.

"The memorial is in a place where it is proper and honorable to be, where the citizens of the county do their public business and can see it," DeWolfe said. "There is no other place in the village where people would have the access or the vision of the memorial than where it is right now and that's where it should stay."

DeWolfe mentioned Pierce County Board Chairman Jeff Holst agrees with him and stated the memorial is going to stay put on the courthouse grounds in a letter to the board. Board Member Neil Gulbranson said the letter closes the matter, but DeWolfe had mentioned there was as much talk and consternation about a potential move of the memorial from the courthouse grounds as any question he's dealt with in years. Indeed, there was a reported petition circulated against such a move, which brought consternation from board members and members of the audience at the meeting.

For more please read the May 8 print version of the Herald.