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Minnesota News Roundup: Lives saved in Montevideo terroism plot arrest

MONTEVIDEO, Minn. -- Federal authorities are confident that they foiled a planned attack on the Montevideo Police Department and saved lives when they arrested a what many in the community are calling a "known white supremacist." 24-year-old Buford "Bucky" Rogers of Montevideo, was arrested after federal authorities found suspected pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails and guns during a search of his family's mobile home. Rogers made his first appearance in federal court in St. Paul yesterday (Mon), and court papers show that FBI agents searched Rogers' home while he was there and found the explosives and weapons that include a Romanian AKM assault rifle. The FBI's special agent in charge in Minneapolis Christopher Warrener says the investigation and arrest prevented "a potential tragedy in Montevideo." FBI spokesman Kyle Loven says there is no indication of any overseas involvement in the possible terror plot, but would not say what or who the targets were or whether they are looking into the possibility of other suspects.


The "Man in Black" responsible for 13 bank robberies in 2011 has admitted to committing those crimes and 18 more -- with a toy gun. 50-year-old Mark Wetsch of Minneapolis pulled in nearly $115,000, and after a year of proclaiming his innocence has pled guilty to five counts of armed bank robbery. In exchange, seven other counts will be dismissed. The plea deal means a likely sentence of 14 plus years in prison. Wetsch could also be ordered to pay restitution for all of the robberies; he still owes nearly $1.6 million in restitution on a 2005 mail fraud conviction. In earlier court proceedings Wetsch complained that prosecutors have it in for him because he is Muslim, has two wives and supports the Somalian terrorist group al-Shabaab.


With more rain in the forecast for tomorrow, Minnesota farmers are trying to get more of their crops in the ground. Last week's rain-and-snow kept the tractors in the sheds, as farmers got further behind on their spring planting. The raindrops and snowflakes last week prevented any planting progress at all, with zero percent of Minnesota fields with seed in the ground. Twenty-six percent is normal. A number of counties are waiting for things to green up before assessing the damage from a late winter storm and a bit of flooding.


A Lakeville man has been charged with stalking after pulling up to the Taco Bell drive through window and making sexual advances on the employee working there. Apple Valley Police say 26-year-old Nathan Halverson didn't order food, but did ask for the woman's phone number and said he wanted her to come home with him when she got off work. Employees called police when Halverson parked outside the restaurant and started flashing his high beams into the dining room. Officers found him in the driver's seat, and say his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot, and he eventually failed a breath test with a point-1-5 blood alcohol level. He is charged with drunk driving and stalking. Halverson's previous convictions include two for drunk driving, domestic assault, criminal sexual conduct and felony terroristic threats.