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Minnesota News Roundup: Senate to vote on same-sex marriage amendment Monday

Two years after the Minnesota Legislature put a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage on the ballot, a dramatic turnaround as the Minnesota House voted Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage. Minneapolis Senator Scott Dibble says the campaign to defeat the ballot amendment -- which was successful -- allowed a one-on-one conversation with Minnesotans about what really matters. Dibble says hearts and minds opened up and changed and, in a paradoxical way, backers of the marriage amendment "did us a huge favor." Meanwhile, opponents of same-sex marriage are regrouping for Monday's final vote in the Minnesota Senate. Millie from Forest Lake says they're supporting God, who says no marriage except between a man and a woman. Backers say the same-sex marriage bill has the votes to pass the Senate. Governor Dayton is expected to sign it when it reaches his desk.


The body found under a barge in the Mississippi River in St. Paul has been identified as that of a woman who disappeared in February. The medical examiner has confirmed it is that of Kira Trevino. St. Paul Police Senior Commander Brian Coyle says it was the outcome nobody wanted, but the one that was expected, and while it gives some closure and a measure of comfort to the family it is no reason to celebrate. After a large amount of Kira's blood was found in the home she shared with her husband Jeffery, he was charged with two counts of second-degree murder in her disappearance. The Ramsey County Attorney's office says it's too soon to tell how the discovery of Kira's body will impact the case. As of now the trial is scheduled to start May 28.


The body found in the Crow River in Wright County Tuesday night has been identified. The Midwest Medical Examiner's Office says it is that of 26-year-old Samuel Gustafson of Rockford, who was reported missing in April. Foul play is not suspected. Gustafson was last seen at a friend? home April 21. Family members say Gustafson is a paranoid schizophrenic who did not have his medication with him when he disappeared.


A St. Paul woman will spend four years in prison for running over her boyfriend and leaving the scene. Prosecutors say 54-year-old Arlene Garcia was drunk when she ran over her boyfriend with her car and drove off in January. Mark Urang bled to death. Garcia pleaded guilty March 4 to criminal vehicular homicide, and was sentenced yesterday (Thu) to four years and three months in prison.


Next week a judge will announce his verdict in the trial of a man accused of killing three people at a Brooklyn Park home last year. 35-year-old Eddie Mosley is charged with killing his 59-year-old former stepmother DeLois Brown and her elderly parents, 83-year-old James Bolden Sr. and 81-year-old Clover Bolden, in April of 2012. The murders took place in Brown's home-based daycare and prosectors say Mosley intended to kill a teenage relative he was accused of sexually assaulting, whom he believed would be at the daycare before school. The defense has claimed that Mosley had no motive to kill the victims. He did not testify.


The National Transportation Safety Board has released a detailed report on the helicopter crash that killed two Mayo Clinic employees two years ago. A Mayo helicopter carrying Dr. Luis Bonilla and Mayo Technician David Hines crashed enroute to Florida and Pilot Hoke Smith was also killed. The report shows that there was heavy fog in the area and former pilots described weather conditions as a "black hole" at altitudes of 200 to 400 feet. The helicopter was flying at just above that. The report also says the helicopter was descending when it hit a tree at just 30 feet off the ground but no distress call was ever made. The investigation also shows that the pilot's company, SK Jets, was $9 million in debt and that the helicopters were not up to date on maintenance, including the one that crashed that night. A NTSB panel will review the report before making a final determination on the cause of the crash.


It's not how prom night is supposed to go; A teen has been charged with making terroristic threats and assaulting a student at the White Bear Lake Area High School prom. Investigators say Dustin Olson walked up to a 17-year-old boy on the dance floor of the RiverCentre in downtown St. Paul and punched him repeatedly in the head and ribs. The victim told police Olson sent him threatening Facebook messages in the weeks before the attack, which police say included death threats, and attacked him on prom night because his date was Olson's ex-girlfriend. The boy was treated for a concussion.