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Letter from Rep. Petryk: Increased funding request for K-12 Education

In a collaborative effort I, along with 12 of my colleagues from the Assembly, are requesting that the Joint Finance Committee review and increase funding for Wisconsin's K-12 public education. In a letter that I drafted, and my colleagues co-signed, to Co-Chair Representative Nygren and Co-Chair Senator Darling, we explain to the Co-Chairs that each of us has heard from parents and schools in our respective districts asking for help in funding our local schools. We are proud of our public schools and want to see them continue to succeed.

Wisconsin has a strong history of quality education for our youth. To keep that tradition, public schools in the 93rd Assembly District and across Wisconsin would benefit from an increase in K-12 funding and an increase in revenue limits while protecting Wisconsin's property taxpayers. Last session, the Legislature asked Wisconsin schools to contribute towards balancing our state's budget deficit by utilizing the tools given to them in Act 10. As reported by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Wisconsin has a projected budget surplus going into the next biennium. A portion of these funds should go to our public schools.

As you are all aware, public schools serve as the backbone of our communities and provide the vast majority of our students with an excellent education which will lead to opportunities in their future. A child who receives an education from a quality public school, from kindergarten through high school, is more likely to attend a University or Technical College and hence be able to find a good-paying, family sustaining job after graduation.

The request was sent to the Co-Chairs on Tuesday, May 7th. It is my hope that the Joint Finance Committee will take our request very seriously and formulate a plan to help our state's public schools. If you would like to weigh in on this or any other budget issue with the Joint Finance Committee, you can email them at or you can always contact me by email at or call me in my Madison office at 1(888) 534-0093.


Tourism in Wisconsin had a total impact of $16.8 billion in the state in 2012 which is a 5 percent increase since 2011. Wisconsin has seen a steady increase in our tourism revenue since 2010.

According to Governor Walker and Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett, this increase can be attributed to aggressive and creative new marketing campaigns. According to Longwoods International, for every $1 the Department of Tourism spent on its $3.8 million 2012 summer and fall advertising, there was a $6 return on that investment.

Tourism is a leading industry in Wisconsin. With our beautiful natural resources around the state and popular tourist attractions like the Stockholm Art Fair, Wisconsin Dells, or Lake Geneva, I am pleased to see that tourism is a priority in our state and that the investments made towards tourism have been a tremendous success.

If you would like more information on events occurring around the state this year, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Tourism website at


On Monday, I was fortunate to take part in the STEP (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) presentation at Sam Davey Elementary School.

This program is for fifth graders in Wisconsin to help them learn how to be ready when a disaster strikes or when an emergent situation arises. This program was created to teach the students the proper emergency planning for tornadoes, flooding, and sever storms. It is that time of the year in Wisconsin where any of these disasters are possible. The students are given the information and materials necessary to take home to their families and develop an emergency plan at home.

This program has been a success throughout Wisconsin with over 6000 students in 100 schools participating during the 2011-12 school year. STEP is sponsored by: Wisconsin Emergency Management; the Department of Public Instruction; the Office of Justice Assistance; the Center for School, Youth, and Citizen Preparedness; and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Thank you to all these agencies, the teachers and administrators at Sam Davey, AT&T, and Walgreens for making Monday a success!


Upcoming Events in the 93rd Assembly District

May 11th: Durand Fire Department celebrating 125 years

The Durand Fire Dept. will be celebrating their 125th Anniversary with a Charcoal Chicken Dinner from 1-7pm. A Polka Band will play from 2-6 p.m. and the Midnight Special band will play in the evening from 7:30-12:30 a.m. There will be raffles, a silent auction of a lot of great items, and even a live auction. The trucks will be on display out back of the station.

May 18th: Fido and Friends Fun Run

Proceeds go to the Eau Claire County Humane Association

12-3 PM

Registrations starts at 12 run at 1

Carson Park Pine Pavilion

$20 entry fee

June 2nd: Taste of the Valley 2013


Phoenix Park

June 8th: Take Kids Fishing Day

9-11:30 AM

Carson Park, Braun's Bay