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Wisconsin group believes it was part of IRS probe

FT. ATKINSON - A Wisconsin Tea Party group believes it was among those targeted by the IRS.

The Rock River Patriots say they've applied twice in the last three years to get a tax-exempt designation - and they've never gotten a reply.

The group's secretary-treasurer, Marv Munyon of Fort Atkinson, tells WISC-TV in Madison that he's spent hours on the phone and online looking for answers. His only reply came in January when the IRS said the request needed to be assigned to a specialist for quote, "further development."

President Obama and the nation's tax agency are under fire, after an admission that IRS employees gave extra scrutiny to tax-exempt status requests from politically-conservative groups. Obama said yesterday it would be "outrageous" if the IRS was operating in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way. But Munyon said groups were singled out if they had the words "Patriots" and "Tea Party" in their names - so he believes his group was politically-targeted. They could find out for sure later in the week, when the IRS Inspector General is due to release a full report on the agency's actions.