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Green Bay bartenders can still drink with customers

GREEN BAY - Bartenders in downtown Green Bay can keep drinking with their customers. Alderman Mark Steuer says he's withdrawing a proposed city ordinance that would have barred bartenders from drinking on the job.

Green Bay Police suggested the ban last year, as part of a series of measures aimed at making the downtown safer and more welcoming to new business. The so-called "sober server" law attracted criticism from a host of people, including the Brown County Tavern League which called it excessive government regulation. Alderman Steuer chairs the Green Bay Protection Committee. He said his proposal is on the "back burner," and it's not a dead issue yet. Steuer said he was reminded that quote, "In Wisconsin, alcohol is part of the culture."

The police package also included surveillance cameras in bars, not allowing troubled customers to move from tavern-to-tavern, and encouraging outdoor patio seats. One proposal has already been adopted - a ban on late night street parking on portions of Washington Street, so officers can keep a closer eye on the crowds.