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Government officials plan for possible H1N1 flu outbreak

Wisconsin schools, hospitals, and state and local governments are all planning for what might happen this fall when the H1N1 swine flu could return.

State officials have drafted a 135-page plan that details how this fall's mass vaccinations will take place.

It also tells what might happen in the event of mass outbreaks including the shutdowns of schools, farmers' markets, and stores for community protection.

It even mentions the cancellations of funerals and other public gatherings if certain things occur.

Last week, federal officials said schools should close only in the event of mass outbreaks.

And unlike last spring, one case won't be enough to shut down classes for a week.

Meanwhile, the state is buying thousands more anti-viral doses, to have enough for a quarter of the population as the federal government recommends.

Right now, the state is at 23 percent.

Bill Bazan of the Wisconsin Hospital Association says the vaccinations will be the largest in years.

Hospital officials are also working to coordinate their reporting and surveillance efforts, and how they'll handle big increases in the numbers of patients in their emergency rooms.

Milwaukee Children's Hospital screened all visitors last spring, after getting a 20 percent increase in its emergency cases.