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Lawmaker promises oversight of expensive computer projects

State Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan promises to re-start a special committee that's supposed to keep an eye on expensive government computer projects.

The panel has only met once since March of last year when Republicans ran the Assembly.

And while Senate Democrats say they're keeping their half of the panel going, the Associated Press said Sheridan never appointed five new members from his house once Democrats took over this year.

Meanwhile, there was another report recently than an expensive University of Wisconsin computer project had new delays.

That was after the Legislative Audit Bureau found in 2007 that six major state computer projects cost taxpayers $122 million in delays and cost overruns.

Sen. Pat Kreitlow, D-Chippewa Falls, co-chairs the legislative computer panel.

His office said the committee is still doing at least some oversight, by making state agencies submit reports on their most expensive information technology projects.