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Town of River Falls: Hanging on to their safe

At the River Falls Town Board meeting last week, the Board made the decision to hang onto the custom-made town safe because of the historical ties that it represents. The large and heavy safe is engraved with the town's name. Town resident Elwood Elliott had previously requested to purchase the safe that is currently being stored at the highway shop.

Board members were unfamiliar with what may have been stored in the safe, so efforts were made to locate the combination number. When the safe was opened, it was empty but there is a drawer inside that remains locked. Historical information was ascertained by going through town files.

Recycling Administrator Michele DeLong-Reiter reported that the scrap metal value of the safe would be minimal. Supervisor Siri Smith said that it would be difficult to budget for a new safe in the future if there was a need for one.

Board members also stated that it would be a historical asset if they were to move into a new Town Hall building and they voiced their appreciation to Elliott for bringing the safe to their attention.

Find out what else was discussed in this week's print edition of the River Falls Journal.

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