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River Falls: Town borrows for road projects; road committee formed

Road construction season is coming and the town of River Falls has projects it would like to tackle.

To pay for the proposed road construction and maintenance, the Town Board last week approved borrowing $100,000.

The board agreed to a two-year loan for $100,000 from the WI Trust Fund. The loan would be repaid March 15, 2013, with 3.25% interest.

While the board would prefer a one-year loan, no one took issue with the two-year term.

Due to the structure of the loan, two years was the only option.

As Town Supervisor Siri Smith stated, "We can just pay it off in one year."

A road committee was formed to prepare a comprehensive plan for town roads. The ad hoc committee will meet as needed.

Members of the committee include: Town Board Chairwoman Diana Smith; Supervisor Brad Mogen; Supervisor Tom Sitz; and Town Highway employee Brian Weber.

Also at last week's meeting, Diana Smith said she's received a number of complaints about people failing to pick up their dogs' waste.

The board encourages everyone to bring the proper material for disposal when out with their dogs.

"Even if the land looks like an open field, it is someone's property. Be respectful," Smith said.

The Town Board accepted the hiring of two recycling center employees. Both are subject to a three-month probationary period.

Their first day was Saturday, April 16. According to recycling center manager Michele DeLong-Reiter, they "both did great."

DeLong-Reiter will bring the new employees to the next board meeting to meet the board.

At last month's Rural Fire Association (RFA) meeting, it was mentioned that a list of fire inspectors will be given to the towns.

Smith, who attended the RFA meeting, suggested that a list of those who need fire inspections be updated.

The Town Hall and recycling center are going to be cleaned in the coming weeks. The board is going to investigate the basement and attic of the Town Hall at the next board meeting.

The Town Hall is in need of foundation repair, roof repair, paint for the outside and possibly new concrete slabs.

Bids will be collected for some projects and a final to-do list will be made.