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Clifton couple can't believe their beautiful grass, flowers had to be cut down

Paul Tiger and Kim Rogers, W12019 742 Ave. (Gateway Valley development) went before the Clifton Town Board Tuesday night, July 5, to complain that their hand-planted native prairie grasses and flowers in the ditch by their home had been mowed to the ground.

Tiger and Rogers said they planted the grasses and flower to prevent erosion. They also claimed the plants keep the soil in their ditch and culvert from washing out.

Town Board Supervisor Greg Eggers said Clifton contracts to mow ditches 33 feet from the center of the road.

"It's a town road," Eggers said. "It has to be maintained. It would be a nightmare for the person we pay to mow this property and not that property."

Rogers said that Minneapolis is more progressive than Clifton. Many properties there, she asserted, don't even need mowing because of the profusion of rain gardens.

Town Board Chairman Leroy Peterson said the road right-of-way is the town's property, not personal property.

"You're not living in Minnesota anymore," Peterson reminded Rogers. "We have to go by Wisconsin laws."

Later, Peterson said: "You have a five-acre lot. Plant your prairie grasses and make the rest of your property beautiful."

Town Board Supervisor John Rohl said keeping tall grasses cut is a liability issue related to driver visibility.

Rogers reiterated that she had hand planted the grasses and flowers and could mow it better than the town so it would look more manicured.

For more on this Clifton story, please see the July 13 print edition of the River Falls Journal.