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Spring Valley tweaks emergency plan language

SPRING VALLEY—An emergency plan received attention from the Spring Valley Village Board earlier this month. Gary Brown, director of Pierce County Emergency Management, appeared before the board to address concerns about the Pierce County Mitigation Emergency Plan Resolution. The board has expressed concern about the upcoming de-certification of the dam levee.

If the levee is de-certified by the Army Corps of Engineers, village residents who live in the floodplain would be required to have flood insurance. A more costly consequence would be in the event of a major weather event like a tornado. Without certification, the village would not meet federal requirements for FEMA funding.

Brown sought to ease board fears with reminders the Emergency Plan is "more of a wish list" and is not "an enforceable document." The verbiage was created with input from the board and the draft could easily be updated.

After encouraging Brown to change the wording to something like "Spring Valley will continue to explore" or "is working toward" recertification, the board voted to approve the plan, contingent on discussed updates.

In other business:

--The board opened the June meeting with a public hearing to address any concerns or questions about a brewery/brew pub ordinance and conditional use permit. A notice was sent to neighbors of the Spring Valley Golf Course, which is owned by the applicant, Guy Leach.

After hearing no comments, the board approved the agenda. Three trustees were present--Dale Jacobson, Mary Ducklow and Rich O'Connell. Village President Marsha Brunkhorst, Administrator Rita Goveronski, Village Counsel Rory O'Sullivan and Police Chief John DuBois were also in attendance.

The board approved the change to the ordinance and the permit needed by Leach to open a new brew pub at the golf course.

--Goveronski updated some misunderstandings surrounding use of the senior citizen center. She is taking part in an ad hoc committee to find suitable uses for the center.

One of the options was to allow the Cardinal Kids to move from the village building to the center. Their current facilities are hot, crowded and the group is outgrowing the building. Several seniors were led to believe the decision had been made and the kids were planning to move to the new building.

After a short discussion, Brunkhorst and Goveronski reiterated no decisions had been made and, if they were, the seniors would be informed directly by the village.

--The board voted to approve the annual liquor license applications. They also approved operator’s license requests.

--The terms of the trade-in and purchase of a new police vehicle were discussed, and the board approved acquiring the 2014 Ford Explorer with a police package option.

Chief DuBois reported 29 incidents were recorded in May. Several conceal carry permits were issued and the department was working to become an affiliate of the Department of Justice to participate in the Missing and Exploited Children program. The car show was planned for the upcoming weekend and staffing changes were discussed.

DuBois also noted the new vehicle will not have a video camera and officers would now be using tie-clip video cameras instead. He and Fire Chief Terry Shafer will look into reports the siren on the dam has not been working.

Jeff Nussbaum gave updates on the spring street improvement projects, including weather delay news and substandard soil conditions on the north end of Herb Street.