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Elmwood Board approves requests from fire unit for picnic, dance

ELMWOOD--In preparation for the fire department’s picnic and dance on Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 7-8, the Elmwood Village Board early last week approved picnic licenses, temporary operator licenses and a request to close Woodworth Street between Omaha and Groot streets from Sept. 7 until Sept. 8.

In other business:

The board approved three operator’s licenses, then approved the appointments of Phil Dzubay and Debra Feiler to the nursing home board (with Trustee Susan Dzubay abstaining.)

About the library committee, Trustee Delores Radtke reported 25 new patrons, news on several new programs, increased circulation and earnings of $65 from the book sale. The library board is interested in participating in upcoming budget talks.

On personnel and finance, Trustee Dzubay reported the committee discussed the personnel policy and met with Carl Schoeder about his work duties.

For public works, Trustee Mike Sand reported the committee met with Wendy Maves from the state about the upcoming Hwy. 72 project, as well as state plans for Hwy. 128. They also discussed filling cracks in the village.

Regarding parks and buildings, Dzubay reported Brier Pest Management was hired to remove bats from the auditorium and a handicapped Port-A-Potty was installed at Butternut Park. New chairs and new swings were also purchased for the park.

In police matters, Officer Sam Petrasko reported he was settling into the new office, working on the Trac grant for a computer system in the squad.