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Spring Valley nursing home suitor bails out

By Sari Gordon 

An agreement between potential developer Gene Zenz and Spring Valley over the future of the village’s old nursing home seems to have reached its end.

The agreement, signed by Zenz, stated that he would pay heat and repair costs, expenses and liability insurance during the pre-purchase phase.

But at the Village Board’s last board meeting, Zenz refused to pay to keep the utilities on, and attorney Rory O'Sullivan advised that the agreement be terminated.

O'Sullivan said failure to pay utility bills amounts to a default on the agreement.

With that, the board moved on to discuss the pros and cons of litigation. It was agreed that O'Sullivan would send Zenz a letter detailing the discussion.

A second party has indicated interest in the property and was to meet with the board in closed session later that evening.

For more please read the Oct. 9 print version of the Herald.