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Ellsworth Village Board makes sewer rate increase official

The Ellsworth Village Board made the planned sewer rate increase they agreed to last month official Monday.

The board approved the 25 percent increase in quarterly sewer rates by resolution. This was on top of a 60 percent increase approved in March in order to pay for state mandated renovations in the village's sewer treatment plant.

The metered charge is now $31.65 per customer, with a $5.56 charge per 100 cubic feet of sewage discharge after 250 mg. per liter BOD. The unmetered rate is $137.32 per quarter, with a limit of 1,900 cubic feet before the service charge of $5.56 kicks in.

The board also approved a resolution to transfer $141,624 from the general fund balance to the capital fund balance under the public works account. The reason is to purchase a 2011 street sweeper for $125,859, along with trading in the 2000 model for $48,000. This was done upon recommendation of the finance, purchasing and buildings committee.

Another committee recommendation adopted at Monday's meeting was the issuance of several Class B temporary licenses and dance licenses for the following: the Pierce County Fair's Pre-Fair Motocross event on July 29, the Ellsworth Hubbers amateur baseball team, Polka Fest from July 7-10 and the Cheese Curd Festival from June 23-26.

In other action, the board extended the Crossing Meadows property construction timeframe for Dr. Shaw to June 7 of 2012. Members also put on the June agenda an appearance by Darren Place of the Pierce County ATV Association, consideration of a developer's agreement between the village and the proposed senior living facility, along with building and site approval.

They appointed Trustees Kenny Manfred, Curt Wandmacher and Neil Gulbranson to the 2011 Board of Review, which will be on Monday, June 6, at 6:45 p.m. and Monday, June 27, from 5-7 p.m. They also approved the hiring of Paul Jensen as a part-time police officer and Rex Stewart as demo site attendant.

A closed session to consult legal counsel to deal with a complaint filed against a village employee was canceled, as was a public hearing to suspend the Class B Retail License of the Eastender Bar in East Ellsworth upon recommendation of the state, as the issue with the state was settled before the board meeting.