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Village to tell county to clean up part of fairgrounds

The Ellsworth Village Board unanimously agreed Monday to tell Pierce County to clean up a portion of the fairgrounds.

Village President Gerald DeWolfe said he has been receiving complaints from residents whose backyards border the southeast corner of the fairgrounds next to the grandstand area track. He says the county needs to clean up the brush and junk located there, and the board agreed, directing the police department to notify the county to do so.

The board received an update on plans for the village's sesquicentennial celebration next year from Jack Hines of the organizing committee. He requested $5,000 from the village for seed money for the celebration, which the board unanimously agreed to provide by transferring money from its cable TV franchise account to the general budget.

In other main agenda items, board members adopted: a mutual aid agreement with the municipal water, sewer and public works service; an ordinance relating to dangerous dogs; an addition to the signed developer's agreement with Senior Properties of Ellsworth LLC which approved up to $257,000 of the TID No. 9 money for the senior living project; and the appointment of Mike Hall, Judy Hall and Charles Schmidt as village election inspectors.

The board unanimously approved a plan commission recommendation for the TID No. 9 project plan and the creation of the district, which will cover the new senior living facility off Hwy. 65 in the Crossing Meadows development.

The board also unanimously approved a bid for the TID No. 8 box culvert project, which is a part of the expansion of the Ellsworth Co-op Creamery. The low bid was $462,650.10 from A1 Excavating of Bloomer. But members tabled bids for the water main and right turn project for TID No. 9 until the Oct. 3 board meeting.

For more please read the Sept. 14 print version of the Herald.