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Ellsworth Village Board's order for sewer plant upgrade changes

A change order to the village's wastewater treatment plant upgrade will reportedly cost over $3,000, the Ellsworth Village Board learned Monday.

The report was given during the public comment section on non-agenda items, as it came up after the agenda for this month's meeting had been published.

Because of this, the board will have to take up this change and vote on it at next month's meeting on Monday, April 2.

Otherwise, Monday's agenda was very light. The board unanimously appointed Trustee Michael Steele and John O'Keefe to the Joint Review Board for the TID No. 10 creation and amendment to TID No. 4 donor district to TID No. 7. Steele will be the official village trustee on the Joint Review Board and O'Keefe will be the member-at-large.

The board received reports from the Library Board, the Ellsworth Area Ambulance Operating Committee, Village Police Chief Greg Place, Public Works Director Greg Engeset and Village Clerk/Treasurer Peggy Nelson.