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Clifton: Wording of new burning ordinance stalls

The wording of a new burning ordinance was again at the forefront of this month's Clifton town board meeting.

Board members agreed the wording must concern outdoor wood burning issues only, not zoning issues.

"If it comes under burning, it will be okay," Clerk Judy Clement-Lee said. "It can't come under zoning."

The need to change the ordinance stems from the township's battle with Warren Quade, N6904 County Road F, over his outdoor woodstove.

The town issued several citations to Quade over the last year concerning the fumes his outdoor woodstove was emitting and the location of the stove since it was located in a residential area.

The matter eventually went to court, where the court found in favor of Quade when the judge said the wording of the ordinance did not address the issue of burning itself, but the fact that the stove was in an area zoned residential.

Supervisor Gregg Eggers echoed Clement-Lee's concerns about the wording.

"One of the keys of this ordinance will be the minimum set back distance between a burner and the nearest residence," Eggers said.

Eggers also pointed out that the word "acres" cannot be used in the new ordinance to refer to the location of a wood burner; otherwise it will be considered a zoning issue.

Read more about this issue and others discussed in the Jan. 14 print edition of the River Falls Journal.