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RF town resident challenges assessment, another complains about trees

John Kucinski, W9680 770th Ave., told the River Falls Town Board at its Monday night, Oct. 17, regular meeting that his land should be reassessed for 2011 property taxes.

Kucinski said that since he ran cattle there in June 2011, his property should be reclassified as pasture land for the entire year.

Town Board Chairwoman Diana Smith pointed out that the land is assessed based on its use as of Jan. 1 of that year.

Replied Kucinski: "A fence was put up a year ago, in 2010, with the intention of having the cattle run in the summer."

Smith understood but said, "You have to have evidence of what it was used for. A fence is a promise, not actuality."

Town Board Supervisior Brad Mogen added, "He (our assessor) would have needed to see evidence of cattle on that land in December."

The board later assured Kucinski that he would be reassessed for his 2012 property taxes since he has evidence now that the land is used for cattle.

Town resident and farmer Roger Peterson, W10322 Hwy. 29, complained that low-hanging trees damaged his farm equipment while driving down 690th Street.

This isn't the first time town of River Falls residents, especially farmers, have complained about branches extending too far across town roads.

To read about how this situation was handled and more, please see the Oct. 26 print edition of the River Falls Journal.