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Brand named new Prescott City Administrator

Prescott Mayor Mark Huber announced in a press release Saturday Jayne Brand was appointed to the position of Prescott City Administrator effective Thursday, June 27.

At the direction of the City Personnel Committee, two candidates were interviewed for the City Administrator position on May 31.  While Brand has served as Interim Administrator on four previous occasions, this is the first time she has chosen to apply for the position. Brand was one of two candidates interviewed.  The other candidate interviewed was a very close runner up when the City Administrator position was filled one year ago.  All Council Members and City Department Directors endorsed Brand as the most qualified candidate based upon her proven leadership skills, strong work ethic, formal training and experience.   

Ms. Brand previously held the Clerk position at City Hall and has worked for the City for 15 years.  This July she will complete all requirements for the WI Municipal Clerks Association Clerk Certificate program, a practical 3 year continuing education program.  While WI State Statute does not reference the title City Administrator, it specifically references the title Clerk and lists all municipal duties and responsibilities to be carried out by the top administrative officer.  However, in more recent years, community practice in 138 of the largest WI cities has come to use the Administrator title for the top, full-time administrator in their local municipal government and Clerk title as Assistant to the City Administrator position.

More work remains to be done to back fill the now vacant Clerk position (Assistant City Administrator) at City Hall.  Ms. Brand will be making her recommendations and discussion options with the members of the Personnel Committee.  Recommended changes will be reviewed and approved by the City Council as she puts together her new organization structure.

Finally, all members of the City Hall Team hope you will take time to congratulate “Jayne” personally on this well-deserved promotion.