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EAAS raises per capita rate

The Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service (EAAS) agreed to increase its per capita rate of service at its last meeting back on July 16. A report on this meeting was given by trustee Rick Sweig at the most recent Ellsworth Village Board meeting back on Monday, Aug. 5.

The rate is going up for the first time in two years and is also going up due to a long-range plan to offset wages and expenses. The rate was raised from $13.50 to $15.00.

The EAAS also agreed to pursue buying a used ambulance from Plum City for no more than $30,000. The EAAS planned to use the vehicle which is 13 years old but had lower milage and was considered in better condition than a current unit the EAAS has. The EAAS also agreed to operate the used ambulance from Plum City while this vehicle was rebuilt. 

Other items of note from board meeting reports given to the Ellsworth Village Board: The Ellsworth Library Board will purchase two TB12 door counters along with shirts for the staff and members of the Library Board.  And the village's Building Committee for a new library building agreed to pay a retainer fee of $13,500 to the firm of MS&R. The board also narrowed down possible building sites from 11 to four.