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Letter from Rep. Petryk: "Green Tier" Business in Dunn and Pepin County

As most of us know, the business of sand mining has grown dramatically in Wisconsin and especially here in Western Wisconsin. There has been a sand mining facility in Menomonie and Maiden Rock called the Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company (WISC), a subsidiary of Fairmount Minerals based out of Ohio, for the past 93 years. WISC has been supplying sand for the creation of glass, shingles, foundry use, and other industries. 

Many people in our district are not aware of the history of WISC and equally unaware of their economic impact. The mine employs roughly 100 individuals while also generously donating money to our communities. Recently, they donated $216,000 to Dunn and Pierce county schools through their foundation which includes nearly $117,000 in donations to the Ellsworth School District. They also have donated $124,600 to local non-profit organizations in communities where they operate. 

Some in our communities have expressed reservations about sand mines and the growth of these mines in our state. However, WISC can help to put your concerns at ease. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) designated WISC has a Green Tier business. What this mean is that WISC voluntarily exceeds legal requirements related to health, safety, and the environment. This results in continuous improvement to Wisconsin’s environment, economy, and quality of life. 

Over the past several years, WISC has diligently worked to exceed environmental standards. They have been able to reduce their water consumption by nearly 50 percent. Additionally, WISC has also reduced their use of dryer fuel, diesel fuel, and their overall usage of energy. 

Fairmount Minerals had set a lofty goal for their subsidiaries to provide zero waste to landfills by the year 2015. WISC has exceeded that goal and in 2012 were operating with zero waste going to our local landfills. WISC has even found a way to add energy back to the electrical grid. 

With their continued efforts we can make sand mining not only good for our state’s economy but our environment as well. Congratulations to WISC and I applaud their efforts to protect our environment.

2013-14 Wisconsin State Blue Books

Wisconsin’s new Blue Books are scheduled to be delivered to my office in Madison this week. I am provided with a limited number of copies of the new blue books, so if you would like to reserve your copy now, please email me at,, and I would be happy to add you to our distribution list. 

Please make sure that your request includes your full name, address, and a telephone number so that I can mail you a Blue Book.

New Leadership in the Wisconsin State Assembly

This week, the Republicans of the Wisconsin State Assembly elected new leadership due to the retirement of outgoing Majority Leader, Representative Scott Suder. As I reported last week, Representative Suder retired from the Assembly to pursue opportunities within Governor Walker’s Administration. 

The Assembly’s new Speaker Pro Tempore is Representative Tyler August. Representative August was elected the same year I was and prior to that, he was a staffer for a former Assemblyman. Representative August has proven himself a leader and has at many times filled in for the outgoing Speaker Pro Tempore proving himself the right person for the job. 

The Assembly also elected a new Assembly Majority Leader. Taking over that position is former Speaker Pro Tempore, Representative Bill Kramer. Representative Kramer has done a fantastic job as Speaker Pro Tempore running Assembly floor session days and keeping the decorum of members and the public during heated debates. I know that he will do a fantastic job as our new Majority Leader. 

Congratulations to both my colleagues and I wish them the best in their new leadership roles.

Implements of Husbandry Study Group

The 93rd Assembly District has a strong agricultural industry and many of you may be interested in the issue of Implements of Husbandry (IoH). The Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has convened a study group on IoH with representation from transportation and farm organizations, equipment manufacturers, law enforcement, local officials, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison Extension. 

The study group has formulated many options that could assist in lessening the impact of IoH equipment on Wisconsin’s roads. The public was invited to various Town Hall meetings across the state which concluded on September 4th. I was privileged to attend the meeting in Chippewa Falls on September 3rd. It was very well attended and a great discussion ensued. 

If you would still like to review the study group’s recommendations and/ or weigh in on these options, you may complete their online survey at:


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