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Hopes dim for Spring Valley nursing home

By Sari Gordon

SPRING VALLEY—The future of the former local nursing home was discussed by the Spring Valley Village Board earlier this month.

Gene Zenz appeared before the board. Zenz has been pursuing the idea of developing the old nursing home into a treatment facility for veterans. He gave several updates to the board, but directly responded to an email from Village Administrator Rita Goveronski regarding payment of the utilities. He stated he "didn't realize" he would be responsible for the utilities and refused to do so.

"Go ahead and shut it down," Genz said.

He said he has maintained any development would be contingent on the sale of property in Minnesota. He recently learned the mineral rights on the property are much more valuable than previously considered and the deal will be postponed again while values are assessed.

"I'm not paying until I've closed my deal," said Genz.

Several board members had questions for Genz, but had no immediate plans to respond to the announcement.

For more please read the Sept. 25 print version of the Herald.