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Elmwood Village Board prepares for new sewer plant

By Sari Gordon

ELMWOOD--The Elmwood Village Board approved several resolutions earlier this month required for a new sewer plant.

Among them were changes to street and alley use, and a new waste system grant agreement, a legal services agreement and a loan resolution.

In committee news:

--Plans are in place to purchase some tables for use in the auditorium. There have been some unnecessary delays on the front door replacement project.

--The nursing home board met and Board Member Neil Boltik reported employee health insurance is a priority discussion. There are over 50 employees, most of whom work 28 hours a week.

The age of the nursing home is also an issue. The building was constructed in 1972. Alternate arrangements may have to be explored for future funding.

--The library is currently $7,000 to $8,000 over budget. Although circulation was up from last year, library staffers are cutting back hours and are hoping to meet the shortfall with the help of volunteers. Board members expressed concern about the budget and warned the new budget will be cut by $1,000.

--The board learned health insurance options are not provided on a bid basis, but through a standard rate book. Members would like more control over which options they see.

A new lawnmower is being tested, the board heard. The roof has been repaired and is guaranteed for 30 years.