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County limits public access to courthouse

Starting Monday, the Main Street door and the elevator door, will be the only two public entrances to the Pierce County Courthouse. (Herald photo by Jason Schulte)

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, in conjunction with the Pierce County Board, is announcing, as of next Monday, the Pierce County Courthouse will limit public access points to two locations.

The public entrances will be the Main Street door on the south central side of the courthouse and the elevator door located on the northeast corner of the courthouse building. All other doors will be for employee use only and locked to the general public, including the doors into the courthouse from the annex building.

This decision has gone through several committees at the county level, with majority support. It was a collaborative decision that was made based on many factors, with safety of employees and the public at the top of the list. 

Limited public access points is becoming the norm for many public buildings throughout the country, particularly older buildings constructed prior to rising security concerns.

This measure is being taken to restrict access to the building in better monitoring any potential threatening situations. Along with the doors being locked, there are extra cameras approved to be installed to further enhance the security of the courthouse. There will be extra signage to assist the public in finding their way to entrances to the courthouse.