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Libertarian candidate for governor promises to 'mess things up for both sides'

MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Libertarian Party will hold a news conference at the state Capitol on Monday to announce a campaign plan and a list of candidates for office.

Among those is the gubernatorial candidate, which will be Robert Burke, town of Hudson. Burke is chairman and a recent founder of the Libertarian Party Pierce St. Croix.

Burke was blunt about his strategy to dismantle the current two-party monopoly enjoyed by Democrats and Republicans.

“I’m highly optimistic I can follow through on my promise to mess things up for both sides,” he said.

Republican Scott Walker is the current governor. Businesswoman Mary Burke, a Democrat, is a candidate in the November 2014 governor’s race.

Robert Burke graduated from the University of Wisconsin River Falls in 1997 and was active in the Republican Party. He has since disavowed both major political parties, saying neither represents a set of true democratic values.

The Wisconsin Libertarian Party will also run Andy Craig of Milwaukee for secretary of state and Tom Nelson of Madison for attorney general.

“Every poll is clear, the voters want another choice on the ballot,” Burke said. “We are clearly not going to fix this by electing different people to the two teams that created the problem.”

A Libertarian Party press release pointed to upcoming “bubble” dangers in housing, student loan, government debt and government trust, declaring: “They are all popping.”