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Elmwood board approves acquisition of land near sewer plant


By Sari Gordon

ELMWOOD--Another hurdle for the new sewer plant was cleared by the Elmwood Village Board early last week.

The board approved acquisition of land adjacent to the new plant. The addition of the short corridor of property was required for the Rural Development grant, as was a formal discontinuance of a portion of Groot Avenue. Both resolutions were approved unanimously by the board (with Trustee Mike Sand absent.)

A more visible but crucial step was also considered. The board reviewed and approved an agreement with the Pierce County Highway Department to remove a power pole and bury overhead power lines.

In other business:

The police committee met with bar owners to review closing hours and citations. The new ATV route signage, parking and other measures were also discussed. The route allows ATV and snowmobile riders a chance to get food and fuel in the village.

Board Member Neil Boltik reiterated the only obstacles to approving the route were the county and state highway department regulations. It was also noted the police committee chair is Trustee Delores Radtke, which was incorrectly reported last month.

The Elmwood Enrichment Committee donated $1,000 to the library. So far, the committee has given $38,000 to the village, which was appreciated by the board. There will be new tables and doors, as well as a planned spring garden sale and flea market on Saturday, April 26.

The library will purchase new laptops or tablets for use in the library only. The pros and cons of buying equipment through the Indianhead Library System were reviewed. Board members commented on the new wall at the library, pictures of which could be found on their Facebook page.

Boltik reminded people the Elmwood Rod and Gun Club has hosted a Friday night fish fry for over 50 years. He asked everyone to continue to attend the dinner and the menu will now be available on a per-piece price.

Operator’s licenses were approved for Sky Holt and Mackensie Herbert for the Longbranch Bar.