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Frozen pipes threaten Spring Valley water bills

By Sari Gordon

SPRING VALLEY--The cost of frozen pipes became a topic of urgent discussion at last month's Spring Valley Village Board meeting.

Public Works Director Tim Howe reported that, after five years without a single incident of frozen pipes, there have been 50 calls to fix frozen and broken laterals in the last three weeks. Though homeowners are technically responsible for these charges, village crews and a welding subcontractor have responded to these calls at no charge.

The board voted to institute new billing and rates, effective Feb. 27. Each resident and business is entitled to one no-charge call to fix frozen pipes. A second visit will cost a minimum of $250, with an additional $250 for every hour thereafter. The second hour begins after 60 minutes from the start of the call.

Village residents have called to ask about running their water to avert frozen pipes. The board emphasized the only homes and businesses who should run their water are those who have been asked to do so.

Choosing to run water will result in increased water bills, unless residents notify the village in writing by March 1. If the village does ask people to run water, they will not be charged, said Howe. All residents who have already received broken pipe service from the village should already be running their water.

For more please read the March 5 print version of the Herald.