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Buckner another write-in candidate for District 11 on the County Board

All 17 seats on the Pierce County Board of Supervisors are up for election next Tuesday, but there is a write-in contest for only one.

This contest is in District 11, covering the Town of Ellsworth, Ward 1, and the Village of Ellsworth, Wards 2 and 3.

Brian O’Connell is one of the write-in candidates and information about him was published in the newspaper earlier. Kurt Buckner is the other write-in candidate, whose responses to a questionnaire sent him by the newspaper are printed below.

Name: Kurt Buckner

Age:  42

Address: W5499 Hwy. 72, Ellsworth 

Job:  Chemical process operator at 3M Cottage Grove (currently hiring, if anyone's interested)

Family:  Wife, Diana; son, Kyle, 13; parents, Dick and Doris Buckner of Ellsworth, brother, Greg of Plum City, sister, Kim from Ellsworth

Prior elected office: Currently on Ellsworth School Board as clerk, served from 2008-2014 and rerunning for third term this year 

Civic involvement: Serving on Ellsworth School Board past six years, been on curriculum, communications, negotiations (currently chair), buildings and grounds and on budget and finances committees since on board, part of Hillcrest Elementary Parent’s Club, on SAGE committee for school board, volunteer lots of time and donations back to the schools, also backup announcer for sporting events at Ellsworth schools. I Adopt-a-Highway stretches on Hwy. 72 near where I live to make it look better when there's not snow on the ground.

What are your reasons and/or qualifications for wanting to serve on the county board?

Want to try and learn how county board operates. When Greg Place chose not to rerun, I felt moved to represent my township and district on the county board, feeling no one else was going to run at the time.

Would like to be the "voice of reason" for a potential new jail. Ellsworth School District voters just said no to two referendum questions. What's that mean when we get to vote on a new jail? Many people don't like to see their taxes go up.

Help weed out "bad" purchases such as the $325,000 land deal with the Dodges a few years ago.

Make county responsible to pay for mailboxes they knock over or destroy in winter. Especially this winter, several residents’ mailboxes are laying in crumpled heaps alongside road shoulders and what does Chad Johnson (Highway Commissioner) or Al Thoner (patrol superintendent) say? "Our plow drivers didn't do it, the snow did." Who likes to fix their mailbox on a cold January day?

My final reason for running is to serve on the highway safety committee and get the 45 mph zones in Martell and Ono up to 55 mph. It's being talked about, but nothing done yet. What's the delay? Also would like to see more turn lanes made on our state and U.S. highways onto county roads or busy town roads to help keep the flow of traffic going on our major roads. Some of our highways need major redoing.

And finally to see that county highway projects are started and finished in a "timely manner." Example, CTH K. Will it finally get done this year? It's only been on the docket for, say, the last 5-6 years.