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District 14 county board candidates answers questions

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All 17 seats on the Pierce County Board of Supervisors are up for election Tuesday, April 1, but there is a ballot contest for only one.

The two District 14 candidates were sent questionnaires. Printed below are their responses. District 14 represents the Town of Hartland, Town of Isabelle, Town of Trenton Ward 2 and Village of Bay City. 

District 14

L. Ronald Bartels

Age: 71

Address: N987 545th St., Bay City

Occupation: Manufacturing engineering

Family: Wife Dottie Bartels, three children, seven grandchildren

Prior elected office: Town of Isabelle Board, 18 years; Red Wing Regional Airport Board, six years (one year as chairperson); Pierce County Board, five years (Public Health Committee, five years, three as chairperson; Highway Committee, two years; Building Committee, five years; Human Services Committee, four years; Information Services Committee, two years); Chippewa Valley Technical College Board of Trustees, one year

Civic involvement: Church of St Joseph; lifetime member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers; National Society of Professional Engineers; licensed professional engineer

What are your reasons and/or qualifications for wanting to serve on the county board?<B>

My purpose in seeking this office is to promote the wise use of taxpayer monies for services performed by Pierce County.

During my 45 years working in private industry, my primary goal was to reduce costs while exceeding the expectations of our customers. I investigated scenarios and promoted teamwork to successfully and repeatedly accomplish this goal.

I apply these same principles to my activities on the County Board. I have and continue to seek alternatives and ask lots of questions. I will continue to press for answers such that the full board can make informed decisions on using your monies.

Bill E Schroeder

Age: 63

Address: W7580 Hwy. 35S, Hager City

Occupation: Business owner, farmer

Family: Wife Patricia, three adult children

Prior elected office: Pierce County Board 1996-2004

Civic involvement: Pierce County Highway Safety Committee 1998-present; Mississippi River Regional Planning Commission 1996-present; Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

What are your reasons and/or qualifications for wanting to serve on the county board?

Many of my former constituency have been asking me for the last few years to run again. I once again have the time to serve.

With my former County Board and business experience, I should be an asset to the Pierce County Board.