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Spring Valley Village Board changes speed limit on McKay Avenue

By Sari Gordon

SPRING VALLEY--The Spring Valley Village Board earlier this month settled the matter of speeding on the main street through town, McKay Avenue.

There are currently three different speed limits, depending on the direction of travel. According to Police Chief John DuBois, the limit for northbound traffic from Cenex to Hwy. 29 is 15 mph, while for southbound traffic it’s posted at 25 mph. One 25 mph section is also posted as "15 when children are present." All residential streets are 15 mph.

DuBois said he receives complaints 25 mph is too fast and he recommends 15 mph for the business district. When large trucks park at the corner of intersections, it's difficult to cross McKay when traffic is going 25.

Trustees Dale Jacobson and Nick Falde believe 15 mph is too slow. The board settled the matter by voting unanimously to change the speed limit to 20 mph for all of McKay. The limit will be enforced beginning June 1 and a digital display will be employed.

DuBois also announced two body cameras are being tested by officers, but aren’t officially in use. He will issue a press release describing the cameras and the policy governing their use. He also reported all squads have been equipped with electronic citation capabilities.

For more please read the April 16 print version of the Herald.